Hardwood Floor Buffing, Cleaning and Maintenance: Its All Here!


A hardwood floor can be a source of pride for the home owner who manages to maintain its luster. However, you may end up hating your hardwood floor if it has lost that shine that it first came out with. The best way to restore the shine of your hardwood floor is by buffing it. Some people may be tempted to replace the entire flooring all because of some nicks or dents. You don’t have to do that.

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Apart from the fact that re-doing your entire hardwood floor is going to cost you, it may also be a waste of time. Nicks, scruffs or gouges in your hardwood floor can be handled by buffing it. To buff your hardwood floor, you will need a machine called a buffer. A buffer can be gotten from any high quality hardware store close to you. A buffer uses a screen. A screen of about a hundred grit usually does the trick. Before you buff your floor, sand it.

Vacuum your hardwood floor after sanding it to ensure that no unseen particle will interrupt the process of buffing. Before you attempt to buff your floor, test run it across the floor and get used to the feel of it in your hands. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and buff your floor. If your hardwood floor has a wax finish, you should endeavor to remove it before you buff it for maximum results.

After you have buffed your floor, you can wax it again. If buffing your floor is too much of an effort for you or an activity that you cannot perform because of time, you can seek professional help. Voyageur flooring is an example of a flooring service that can take care of any hardwood buffing desires that you may have… although, you can save a lot of money if you do it by yourself.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Just as a rose garden demands more attention and work from the gardener, hardwood floors tend to demand extra work from the home owner. Hardwood floors basically refer to the use of any kind of hardwood to cover your floors. The most frequently asked question hardwood floor owners ask is ‘how do I clean my hardwood floor?’

There are three basic steps to cleaning hardwood floors. They include;

• Buffing: Buffing is one way to keep your hardwood floor in excellent shape. Buffing is an excellent means of ensuring that the polish on your floor stays intact. In order to ensure that your hardwood floor is properly buffed, you should use a screen with one hundred grit at least.

• Swiping: Water and other water solvents constitute an enemy to hardwood floors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that water is an effective way to clean your hardwood floor. It isn’t. In reality, water does not do much for them. Instead, water damages them by reducing their longetivity. If you must get rid of water spills or other spills on your floor, use a vacuum (dry) or a wet towel to soak up the water.

• Polishing: Polishing is often done after your hardwood floor has been buffed. Paste wax in an ideal finishing solution for your hardwood floors. You can have a set of sparkling hardwood floors when you take your time to apply the finishing solution. Ensure that your floor is thoroughly dry before you apply the solution.

These are three simply basic cleaning techniques for your hardwood floor. You can’t go wrong if you adhere to them.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Now that you have had your hardwood floors installed, you may be thinking that you have finally arrived….your work just started. Hardwood floors demand a lot of energy and care. You need to be able to maintain a gloss and shine that hardwood floors come within the first place.

You can start that by taking care of your hardwood floors daily. You can use a vacuum that has a non-reciprocating brush to get rid of dirt, sand and grime. If you have people constantly trooping into your home on a daily basis, this will definitely help to keep it spotless and gleaming.

You should also place rug mats or doormats on strategic areas of your home in order to decrease the amount of dirt that comes in. In the event that something- water or some other solution spills on your hardwood floors, don’t use vinegar. Instead, get absorbant paper towels and soak it up or use a damp towel first to clean it and dry with a moisture free towel.

Water stains and other stains can be removed with a hardwood floor cleaner. If the stain does not respond to it, you can have it taken care of by sanding your floor. Use very fine sand paper with 600 grit or some steel wool to sand it. When you are sanding your hardwood floor, do not go against the grain of the wood or you will risk defacing the floor even more.

Instead, follow the grain of the wood. Once you have succeeded in sanding the stain away, buff it with a clean cloth and wax with varnish to give it that perfect sheen. Taking extra care of your hardwood floor can make it last longer.

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